Friday, February 3, 2012

GSK and DECA are allowing OVERAGE on Nicorette Gum Coupon

A few days ago, GSK told DECA they would not allow usage of this coupon on this item:

Nicorette Gum 20ct $7.14
use Save $15 on any ONE (1) Nicorette or NicoDerm CQ product from January Coupon Connection booklet= $7.86 OVERAGE

Even if you don't smoke this is a good donation item plus you get all that overage to spend on the rest of your groceries.

They have reversed their decision as of today:

From deca facebook page:

NICORETTE GUM COUPON UPDATE: GlaxcoSmithKline has now formally, in writing, reversed their stance on the $15.00 Nicorette coupon. GSK no longer stands by their decision made previously in a letter dated Jan. 20 that prevented DeCA from accepting the $15.00 Nicorette coupon at our commissaries. Their letter states that they will honor the coupon if it is used for the current stock that is in the store until the coupon expires Feb. 5, 2012. DeCA spoke with the Military Accounts Sales Representative from GSK and verified that it is indeed their intent to only allow the coupon to be used for the product that is currently on-hand, "in stock," in the stores.

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