Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitude Monday

 I am so thankful for:

1. Heritage Church--Pastor Ron is the best!!!!Yesterday he preached about the rapture and judgment day.  It is a subject that most Pastors never touch on. What you don't think about is that you will be stripped down.   Everything will be exposed.  Nothing will be "sugar coated".  No excuses allowed./nothing will be hidden. No favoritism.  He will look at us with impartial eyes. Your words will be revealed. Words spoken in anger/slander/make fun of will all be there. Slang/careless words (oh my gosh or oh my g--. heck. darn. ect).  Good words spoken with the wrong heart will be put on the fire (hypocrytes: "i hope you feel better" or "bless their heart" or "i will keep you in my prayers" ) matt 12:36-37  Things we do without spiritual value (job/school/chores/hobby/tv/games) have no value in Gods eyes. You will be rewarded for your work done on earth.

2. prayer

3. family pictures taken for the church directory. Can't wait to see how they turned out. Natalie would not smile.
4. self-control
5. Shawns caring heart.  He really does have a tender heart when someone is not feeling well.
6. Devin's smile.  He is so silly.  He always makes me laugh.
7. Natalie's soft sweet hugs.  I love when she hugs me because she is so gentle.
8. Nathans ability to lighten up a room.  He has the best personality.

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