Monday, April 25, 2011

thank you Lord for giving your son

Sometimes, we miss the real meaning of Jesus raising up from the dead, only noticing and appreciating His death. While His death means our sins had been paid of, His coming back to life also means something more significant for us.

It means victory.
It means new life.
It means that we too may die but we will not remain dead forever.
It means we don`t have to be beaten down by our sin.
It means we can triumph over adversity, trials, and sicknesses.
It means today we live, not as abandoned children, but as redeemed children of the King.
It means we are never alone, without help. He is with us. Because He is alive and not dead.

His life is our life.
and His victory ours.
No need to fear about anything.
Because He is with us.
So we can hope about the future.
Be content today.

 I am thankful for this week:
1. The Son you freely gave to us so we may someday see your face
2. Heritage Church is amazing.  The teens and quire did an amazing job of showing what an amazing thing Jesus did for us.
3. Nathan offering to pray before lunch today.
4. My husband telling me I did a wonderful job with Easter for our kids.  We talked about Jesus and what happened on Easter before any easter baskets were looked at.  The kids loved it.
5. The rose bush my husband planted for me yesterday.  I love it.
6. getting a few full nights of sleep.
7. The buttons my mama sent Natalie.  Natalie loves buttons for some reason and they are expensive so Lene sent her some buttons!!!!!
8. My parents and brother taking care of tornado damage at the house we own in North Carolina.  So thankful for them.  They are always there no matter what.
9. Ten large priority boxes of clipped coupons have been sent to the military overseas since Feb. of this year.  I prayed for this and asked God for help and the wonderful members over at We Use Coupons have gone above and beyond making sure the military overseas have coupons.
10. Nathan Engles at WUC for sending me a power point to help me with the coupon class I am doing this Saturday at church.

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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear how things are going. You should post more often. Love you!